QuickBooks Sign-in or Login errors On Chrome

Do you know that you can easily fix the QuickBooks sign-in or login errors on Chrome?

This can happen because of some common reasons such as Chrome settings, cache issues, login request time out, or more. Don’t panic if you get different messages displayed on your screen while logging into QuickBooks Online on Chrome. Here, you will get the solutions that you can perform according to the error shown on your screen.

Also, try to log in using another browser to check that you can easily log in to your QuickBooks account. Let’s read the article to know the solution according to the error shown on your screen. 

What Are The Reasons For QuickBooks Sign-In or Login errors On Chrome?

A list of reasons is mentioned below: identify your reason and get to its solution to fix the problem. The reasons are as follows:-

  1. Clear the cache and history of the browser that causes the slow performance.
  2. Login request time out because it’s taking too long to process the request.
  3. The firewall or antivirus is interrupting while logging or signing in.
  4. Check your internet connection which may not be working properly.
  5. Maybe your QBO login service is not available.
  6. Check that you are not logged in to any other system using the same credentials.
  7. Maybe the Single-Sign-On of Google is not working properly.
  8. If you have not signed out to your previous session properly then also it troubles you to sign in again.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Sign-In or login errors On Chrome

Several reasons can cause this glitch while signing in to your QuickBooks online account. You must identify the issue as this may differ from person to person. So get the solution done as per the reason for the glitch. You can also try a few other solutions or get in touch with the team.

All the solutions are mentioned here, along with step-by-step procedures.

Solution 1- Open The Google Chrome Browser In The Incognito Mode

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Go to the 3 dots menu from the top right side
  3. From the options, click the New Incognito Window


In the Chrome browser, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + N keys together

It opens up the new Incognito Window

  1. Now, try to do QuickBooks Sign-in or log in to your account in the incognito window.

Solution 2- Clear Browser History Or Cache in Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to Chrome settings from the top right side of the window
  3. Then from the settings menu click the History option


Press the Ctrl + H tab to open the History window

  1. Click the Clear Browsing Data from the left side panel
  2. Then choose the time range and the options to clear history and cache
  3. Click the Clear Data button and then you are done.
  4. Now open the Intuit URL and try to log in to your QBO account.

To clear Browser history and Cache in other browsers you can use the following shortcut keys:-

  1. Internet Explorer- Ctrl + Shift + Delete OR Ctrl + H >> Select the history as per the day >> Right-click and select Delete.
  2. Microsoft Edge- Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  3. Safari- History >> Clear History >> Choose time range >> clear history.
  4. Mozilla Firefox- Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Solution 3- Check The Privacy Settings

  1. To check privacy settings, restart your system to refresh all your background processes.
  2. Now, set the privacy setting to medium or low.
  3. Then manually enter the URL of Intuit to allow its access.
  4. After this, close the privacy settings window and open the Chrome browser to check for QuickBooks sign-in or login error.

Solution 4- Add Another User To Your Chrome To Check For Error

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser, and click the 3 dots menu from the top right side.
  2. Then if you are signed in to Chrome browser, it will show your name
  3. Go to your name shown and click the Add New profile option
  4. It asks you to set up a new Chrome profile by signing in to another account.
  5. After creating a new profile, open it 
  6. Try to open and log in to your QuickBooks Online account.

Solution 5- Getting Error Message- Oops something went wrong

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser, and go to the 3 dots menu from the top right side.
  2. From the menu, go to the Extensions option
  3. Click on the Manage Extensions option
  4. In the search bar, type the name of your security extension tool
  5. Now, disable the extension and sign in or log in to your QuickBooks Online account.

Solution 6- Getting Error Message- 504- Gateway Time Out

  1. First of all, restart your device such as modem or router whichever you are using.
  2. Check whether your service provider correctly configures the DNS server.
  3. Load the pages by refreshing them; sometimes it’s a temporary error.
  4. Also, set the proxy settings to the default.

Solution 7- Verify the Google Single Sign-On

If you are using the QuickBooks Online account using the Google Single Sign On (SSO) then make sure that it’s working properly.  If it is causing issues then you have to try to QuickBooks sign-in or login errors to your QuickBooks Online account using another method. 

You can also connect with our professional team as they have years of experience in fixing all the glitches. 

Solution 8- Try To Do QuickBooks sign-in or login errors To Different Browsers

If you are still facing issues with QuickBooks sign-in or login errors on Chrome browser then try to log in using different browsers. You can check whether you can use your QuickBooks online account properly or not.


All the solutions and reasons are mentioned above so that you can easily get to know the glitch and can also resolve it. The detailed steps are also mentioned so that you can fix it on your own. Before proceeding further, make sure that you have implemented all the solutions properly such as checking the internet connection, settings of privacy, browser settings, antivirus settings, or more.

Still, if you have any queries or doubts then get in touch with our QuickBooks Helpdesk Team via email or do a live chat with experts. The team is available 365 days a year to assist you with the best solutions.

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How to check the SSL settings in the browser?

1. Press the Windows + R keys together.
2. Then type inceptl.cpl and press the enter key.
3. Click the OK tab.
4. Go to the Advanced tab then click the Security option.
5. Now, you have to turn on both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0
6. Click the OK button. 

How to open the Incognito mode in other Browsers to check for QuickBooks sign-in or login errors?

1. Internet Explorer- Ctrl + Shift + P
2. Google Chrome- Ctrl + Shift + N
3. Safari- Command + Shift + N
4. Mozilla Firefox- Ctrl + Shift + P
5. Microsoft Edge- Ctrl + shift + N

Does resetting the account resolve the QuickBooks sign-in or login errors?

The resetting account solution can work if the problem is related to your QuickBooks sign-in or login errors on QuickBooks account, not Chrome or any other browser.  So first identify the issue then proceed with the correct solution

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