QuickBooks Retained Earnings Incorrect: Verify Profit and Loss Report

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The QuickBooks Retained Earnings account is an equity account. This account helps you to know your business’s year-end balance. The previous fiscal year’s net income is added automatically to your current fiscal year’s balance sheet. The added amount in the balance sheet will be shown as retained earnings. As it only affects your balance sheet. It is the profit to the company that they reinvested in themselves for the next year.

If it shows you the error- QuickBooks retained Earnings Incorrect, then you have to check for the profit and loss report transactions with a quick report review.

Below you get to know how to check the transactions to fix the error. The solutions are detailed steps so you can easily do it on your own.

How to calculate the Retained Earnings using the Formula?

The formula to calculate the retained earnings is as follows:-

Consummation RE = Beginning RE + Net Income (Profit or Loss Statement)

  • Where, Dividends
  • RE = Retained Earnings
  • Consummation RE = The total surplus to the start of the monetary year.
  • Total Compensation = The balance sum that is left for the organization in the wake of deducting the cost.
  • Profit = The amount paid to the investors, holding the portion of the organization. The amount was paid when the budgetary year finished.

With the help of this formula of retained earnings, you can easily correct the QuickBooks Retained Earnings. This way you didn’t encounter the error- QuickBooks Retained Earnings Incorrect.

How to check the created transactions in the QuickBooks Retained Earning Account?

When you see that the report says that the transactions are affecting the account of your retained earnings then do run a quick report review. With this, you can easily review all the transactions created in the QuickBooks retained earning account. 

For a Quick report review, the steps are mentioned below-

  1. First of all, open your QuickBooks account in which you are facing an error.
  2. Go to the Settings gear-like icon at the top of your Quickbooks window.
  3. Then from the shown options, select the Chart of Accounts option.
  4. Now, search for the QuickBooks retained earnings account
  5. Open the account of retained earnings
  6. When done, click on the Action Column
  7. After that, select the option Run Report
  8. Click the drop-down arrow
  9. From the options shown, click the Report Period
  10. Then, click the All Dates option
  11. At the end, click the Run Report button to run the Quick Report review.

Now, you are done with Quick Report Review, so do check for the transactions created in the QuickBooks Retained Earnings Account. Using the transactions, check that any of the amounts is correct then mark it correct by creating a new journal entry. This can also be done by your accountant you just have to ask them to do so.

What are the steps to view the Retained Earnings Account Details from your QuickBooks Desktop Account?

The electronic swap is used in QuickBooks to transfer the money to the retained earnings. You are not able to see this swap on the reports until or unless you have made any entry for the same in any other account than the retained earnings. In your QuickBooks account, you can seamlessly check the makeup of the retained earnings.

To check this, you have to run the Profit and Loss report which helps you to view the details of your net income amount. To check the details of your attendance and how to run this profit and loss report in your Quickbooks account the steps are mentioned below.

Check the Retained Earnings Account details

The Retained Earnings account provides you with the details related to the income and expenses made in your QuickBooks company. The details are from all the previous years from which you are maintaining the records in it. QuickBooks automatically adds your net income from your previous fiscal year to the new fiscal year. It is visible in the current balance sheet.

It also adds this amount to the retained earnings category. The balance sheet won’t show you the details of retained earnings so you are not able to check this balance. The funds are swap automatically and electronically by QuickBooks from the net income and loss into your account.

The transaction are not visible in the books of accounts so, to check the QuickBooks Retained Earnings incorrect error, you have to run the profit and loss report of previous year for verification.

Steps to check the Profit and Loss report

  1. Open your QuickBooks account
  2. Go to the Report menu option
  3. From the options list, locate the Profit and loss report option
  4. Then, click on it to open it
  5. Go to the Report Period option
  6. Click on the drop-down arrow
  7. Now, choose the option All Dates from the drop-down list
  8. After all this, click on the button Run Report
  9. This will run the Profit and loss report
  10. Choose the Net Income amount with which you have opened the Profit and Loss Detail Report
  11. You will get the details with All dates as you have selected the option above.

When you are done running the profit and loss report, check the transactions that show the net profit or loss. You see that it is automatically switched to the retained earnings QuickBooks account to the balance sheet of the current year.

How to view the Profit and Loss report by year?

To track the retained earnings yearly, you have to check the profit and loss report by year. Here are the detailed steps so that you can seamlessly check the report yearly. The steps are:

  1. In your QuickBooks account
  2. Click on the Reports menu from the top
  3. From the drop-down list of options, select the Profit and Loss report option
  4. Click on it to open it
  5. In the Profit and Loss Report window, click on the option Customize
  6. In the Customize panel, hit on the Rows/Columns iten to open this action
  7. From the drop-down arrow of Columns
  8. Click the Years option
  9. Now, hit the Run Report button to run the Profit and Loss Report yearly.

The amounts and transactions are shown year by year as you have selected the column option above. It is easy to check the amount every year that got transferred to retained earnings from your Profit and Loss account of QuickBooks.

What are the steps for Retained Earning QuickBooks Account Quick Report Review?

First of all, check the difference between the Profit and Loss report and retained earnings with the help of the Account Quick Report. The retained earnings transactions will only affect the balance sheet accounts because they are entered against the account.

The steps for Retained Earning QuickBooks Account Quick Report Review are as follows:-

  1. In your QuickBooks account
  2. Go to the Gear-like icon to open the settings
  3. Now from the shown option list, choose the Chart of Accounts option
  4. Now locate the Retained Earnings Account option
  5. From the action column drop-down menu
  6. Choose the Run Report option
  7. Then from the drop-down of the Report period field, Select the All Dates option
  8. When you are done with all the fields
  9. Click the Run Report button and you are done.

It helps you to show the transactions created by the user. This affects the figure of retained earnings QuickBooks account.


In conclusion, it is easy to check the retained earnings using the above-mentioned steps. You just have to check the Profit and Loss report by performing the Quick Report Review. This will resolve the error of QuickBooks Retained Earnings Incorrect: Verify Profit and Loss Report.

Still you have any queries or glitches, then connect with the QuickBooks Helpdesk Team. The expert team is available to assist you 365 days a year. You can also email at info@adviceventure.com or do a live chat with experts.

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How can I check that my QuickBooks retained earnings are correct or not when they got changed?

It is so simple, when the amount of Net profit and Loss is changed then the total amount also gets changed. So the total amount of profit and loss is the amount of your retained earnings. This is also reflected in the balance sheet of QuickBooks.

Why is it required to do the journal entry when the amount gets changed manually in the QuickBooks Retained Earnings Account?

When you decide to increase the amount of retained earnings then it is required to do the journal entry (Credit) into your QuickBooks account. If you have decreased the amount then you have to make the journal entry (Debit).

What are the steps to create the journal entry for increasing the amount to fix the QuickBooks Retained Earnings incorrect error?

1. Open the QuickBooks 
2. To create a new entry, click the New + icon
3. Click the Journal Entry option from the drop-down list
4. Select the date that will match the opening balance
5. Now, you have to select the Retained Earnings from the Account column
6. Mention the amount in the Credit column
7. After that, mention the account in the second line that you use for creating the balance
8. Now, enter the amount in the Debit column
9. Click the Save and Close button to save the Journal entry
10. Now you are done, check for the error.

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