Resolving QuickBooks Error 136 – Effective Troubleshooting Methods

Resolving QuickBooks Error 136 is essential to maintain productivity and ensure smooth accounting operations.

In the realm of modern accounting, QuickBooks stands as a formidable ally, streamlining financial tasks and simplifying complex processes. However, as with any software, unexpected errors can occasionally throw a wrench into your operations. QuickBooks Error 136 is one such hiccup that can disrupt the flow of your financial management. But fret not, for this article is your guiding light through the maze of this particular error.

Join us on a journey where we unravel the mystery behind QuickBooks Error 136 and equip you with effective troubleshooting methods. From ending background processes to suppressing QuickBooks Desktop, from opening sample company files to relocating your critical data, we’ll walk you through step-by-step solutions that will empower you to conquer this error and regain control of your financial endeavors.

Let’s delve into the world of QuickBooks troubleshooting and ensure that Error 136 becomes a mere footnote in your accounting journey, rather than a roadblock.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 136?

QuickBooks is a powerful tool for handling various financial tasks, but technical errors can sometimes disrupt your workflow. QuickBooks Error 136 is one such unexpected error that can prevent you from accessing your company files. Fortunately, you can resolve this error with the following troubleshooting methods:

Fix 1 – End QuickBooks Processes in Task Manager

One effective method to tackle this error is to use the Windows Task Manager to end QuickBooks-related processes.

When QuickBooks Error 136 disrupts your work, the first step is to terminate any running QuickBooks processes. This fix will guide you through the process of using the Windows Task Manager to stop these background processes that could be causing conflicts.

  • Open Windows Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar.
  • Click on “Start Task Manager.”
  • Navigate to the “Processes” tab.
  • Click on “Image name header” to arrange results alphabetically.
  • Locate and select “QBW32.exe” processes.
  • Click “End Process” for each of them.

QuickBooks often runs multiple background processes, and when these processes interfere with one another, errors can occur. Ending these processes through the Task Manager is a straightforward way to eliminate potential conflicts and regain access to your QuickBooks company files.

Ending these processes will stop QuickBooks background tasks that may be causing conflicts. Afterward, try reopening QuickBooks to check if the error persists.

Fix 2 – Suppress QuickBooks Desktop

Suppressing QuickBooks Desktop is a clever workaround to bypass QuickBooks Error 136. This fix allows you to open the software without encountering the error by using a specific keyboard shortcut.

  • Locate the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your Windows computer’s desktop.
  • Double-click it while pressing the “Alt” key.
  • Enter your password when prompted.
  • Release the “Alt” key after entering the password and click “OK.”

By holding down the “Alt” key while opening QuickBooks and then entering your password, you can effectively suppress any potential errors. This method can help you access your QuickBooks software smoothly, ensuring that the error does not interfere with your work. Suppressing QuickBooks Desktop can help you bypass QuickBooks Error 136. Restart QuickBooks to see if the issue is resolved.

Fix 3 – Open the Company sample file

Opening a company sample file can help identify if the error is specific to certain files or a system-wide issue.

Sometimes, QuickBooks Error 136 may be related to minor bugs in your company files. This fix involves opening sample company files to check if the issue lies with your specific data or the software itself.

  • Double-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon while holding down the “Ctrl” key.
  • Keep pressing “Ctrl” until the “No Company Open” window appears.
  • Click “Open a sample file” below the window.
  • Choose one of the available company sample files.
  • Open the selected file.

Changing the location of the company file by copying it to the desktop can often resolve Error 136.

Opening sample company files allows you to test whether QuickBooks can function without errors. If you can open these sample files without encountering the error, it suggests that the problem may be specific to your company files, which can then be addressed accordingly.

This step helps verify if you can open files in QuickBooks without errors. After reopening QuickBooks, check if the issue persists.

Fix 4 – Open the company file from another location

Regularly updating QuickBooks Desktop is crucial to prevent and address various errors, including Error 136.

Altering the location of your company file can resolve QuickBooks Error 136. This fix entails copying the file from its original location to your desktop.

  • Locate the folder containing your company files.
  • Search for the file with a “.QBW” extension.
  • Right-click on the file and select “Copy” or use “Ctrl + C.”
  • Go to your desktop, right-click anywhere, and select “Paste” or use “Ctrl + V.”
  • Start QuickBooks Desktop while holding the “Ctrl” key.
  • Click “Open” and browse for the file you copied to the desktop.

By copying the company file to a different location (in this case, the desktop), you can often avoid conflicts that may be causing the error. QuickBooks may have trouble accessing the file due to its original location, and this simple relocation can help mitigate the issue.

By changing the file location, you can often access the company file without encountering QuickBooks Error 136.

Fix 5 – Update QuickBooks Desktop

Staying up-to-date is crucial for the smooth operation of QuickBooks. This fix explains how to check for and install updates to address any minor bugs or issues that may be causing QuickBooks Error 136.

QuickBooks updates are essential to address minor bugs. Follow these steps to check for updates and install them – 

  • Start QuickBooks while holding the “Ctrl” key.
  • Click on the “Help” menu.
  • Go to the “Update” tab.
  • Select “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Click “Update Now” and then “Get Updates.”
  • Click “OK” if prompted.

Proactive measures, such as software updates and regular maintenance, can minimize the occurrence of Error 136.

QuickBooks updates are released by Intuit to fix known issues and enhance software performance. By regularly checking for updates and installing them, you ensure that your QuickBooks is running the latest version, reducing the likelihood of encountering errors like QuickBooks Error 136.

After installing the updates, restart QuickBooks. If prompted, accept any prompts for updates to ensure you’re using the latest version.

Resolving QuickBooks Error 136 –  Redstone Alliance’s Path to Seamless Business Operations

In the realm of accounting and financial advisory services, Redstone Alliance Singapore stood as a trusted partner for startups navigating complex compliance and business growth. However, they faced a challenge that was disrupting their day-to-day business operations – QuickBooks Error 136. This seemingly insurmountable hurdle threatened their efficiency and client satisfaction.

The Problem – QuickBooks Error 136 Hindering Progress

Redstone Alliance, a burgeoning accounting practice in Singapore, was dealing with a critical issue. QuickBooks Error 136 had reared its head, causing disruptions in their accounting processes. Their startup clients, relying on Redstone Alliance for financial guidance, were feeling the impact. It was a challenge that needed immediate resolution to ensure smooth business operations.

The Solution – Unveiling the Power of QuickBooks Online Accountant

Understanding the urgency and the need for a streamlined solution, Redstone Alliance turned to QuickBooks Online Accountant. This agile and scalable accounting solution held the promise of resolving QuickBooks Error 136 and enhancing their daily operations.

QuickBooks Online Accountant eliminated inefficiencies and manual processes that were causing the error. The team now had the time and tools to focus on developing advisory services that would not only address the issue but also drive business growth and profitability.

  • Training as a catalyst for success – Impressed by the capabilities of QuickBooks Online, Redstone Alliance decided to take it a step further. They became an integral part of the QuickBooks Writer and Trainer Network. This decision would not only resolve QuickBooks Error 136 but also become a catalyst for their business growth.

The QuickBooks training sessions they conducted proved to be a game-changer. Clients, many of whom were startups with no accounting background, quickly adapted to the user-friendly system. Training not only supported their clients but also opened new avenues for revenue generation and strengthened client relationships.

  • Streamlined Debt Management and Cash Flow – QuickBooks Online Accountant provided the tools needed to manage debtors efficiently. It tracked and displayed invoice statuses and due dates, sending automatic reminders that significantly reduced late payments. Customizable invoices and real-time visibility into invoice opening times enhanced debtor and cash flow management.
  • Effortless Reporting and Enhanced GST Functionality – Reports became a breeze with the graphical representation offered by QuickBooks Online Accountant. Clients found data interpretation easier with these reports, enhancing the overall service experience. The system’s GST functionality, seamlessly linking to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, simplified GST reporting and planning for clients.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access – The QuickBooks app became a hit among Redstone Alliance’s clients. It provided the flexibility of sending invoices, estimates, and checking financial information on the go. This anywhere, anytime access not only improved client satisfaction but also significantly enhanced business efficiency.

QuickBooks Online Accountant emerged as the beacon of hope for Redstone Alliance’s struggles with QuickBooks Error 136. It not only resolved the issue but also transformed their daily business operations. QuickBooks training sessions, efficient debtor management, automated reporting, and anytime access via the app became powerful tools in their arsenal.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Online Accountant was the answer to Redstone Alliance’s business challenges. It eliminated the hurdles caused by QuickBooks Error 136 and provided the means to thrive in the competitive world of accounting and financial advisory services. With seamless operations and enhanced services, Redstone Alliance continued to stand as a trusted partner for startups on their journey to financial success.


In the realm of accounting and finance, QuickBooks is an indispensable tool. However, like any software, it can occasionally throw unexpected errors, and QuickBooks Error 136 is one such hindrance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve provided you with a set of effective solutions to tackle this issue head-on.

From terminating background processes with Task Manager to suppressing QuickBooks Desktop, and from opening sample company files to relocating your company file, we’ve covered a range of troubleshooting methods. Additionally, staying up-to-date with QuickBooks updates is essential for a seamless experience.

With these step-by-step fixes at your disposal, you can confidently navigate and resolve QuickBooks Error 136, ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt your financial workflows any longer. Get back to managing your finances smoothly with QuickBooks, knowing you have the tools to troubleshoot and overcome any obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Error 136?

QuickBook Error 136 is a technical issue that can occur when you’re using QuickBooks. It typically prevents you from accessing your company files and can disrupt your accounting workflow.

What are the common symptoms of QuickBooks Error 136?

Common symptoms of QuickBooks Error 136 include sudden software crashes, freezing of the QuickBooks application, and difficulty accessing company files.

How can I troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 136?

You can troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 136 by using methods like ending QuickBooks processes in Task Manager, suppressing QuickBooks Desktop, opening a company sample file, changing the company file location, and updating QuickBooks Desktop.

Is there a quick fix for QuickBooks Error 136?

While there is no instant fix, the provided troubleshooting methods can effectively resolve QuickBooks Error 136. The specific solution may vary depending on the root cause.

Why does QuickBooks Error 136 happen during company file access?

QuickBooks Error 136 can occur during company file access due to conflicts in background processes, corrupted files, or other issues that hinder the software’s operation.

Can I prevent QuickBooks Error 136 from happening again?

You can reduce the likelihood of encountering Error 136 by regularly updating QuickBooks, maintaining proper backup practices, and avoiding activities that may lead to software conflicts.

What role does Task Manager play in fixing QuickBooks Error 136?

Task Manager helps in resolving QuickBooks Error 136 by allowing you to terminate background processes related to QuickBooks that might be causing conflicts.

Is it necessary to update QuickBook to resolve Error 136?

Updating QuickBooks is often necessary to resolve Error 136 because updates often include bug fixes and improvements that address common issues.

How can I back up my QuickBooks data before troubleshooting Error 136?

You can back up your QuickBooks data by creating a backup file through the software’s built-in backup feature. This ensures that your financial data is safe before attempting any troubleshooting.

Are there any professional services available to fix QuickBook Error 136?

Yes, there are professional services and QuickBooks experts available who can assist in resolving Error 136 if you’re unable to resolve it on your own. They can provide specialized support to address complex issues and ensure a smooth QuickBooks experience.

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