Solutions for QuickBooks Unable to Commit File Write Operation to Disk

Are you also facing the issue of writing operations on the disk?

When your QuickBooks unable to commit file write operation to disk then you have to check your QuickBooks software first. Try to repair your QuickBooks software. Sometimes there are some issues because QuickBooks gets corrupted. 

The QuickBooks unable to Commit File also happens when you back up the QuickBooks Company Data File. In this case, you have to perform the solution according to the root cause. All the reasons and solutions are mentioned in this blog. 

Let’s fix it out!!

Reasons that cause the error- QuickBooks Unable to Commit File Write Operation to Disk

The reasons behind this error are mentioned below:-

  1. The Network Data file is damaged.
  2. The backup path is incorrectly configured
  3. QuickBooks freezes.
  4. The storage device is not available for backup.
  5. When the backup got Interrupted.
  6. Your QuickBooks version was not up-to-date.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Unable to Commit File Write Operation to Disk

Solution- Verify the QuickBooks Backup directory

  1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
  2. Go to the Preferences menu option.
  3. Then click on the Backup option from the drop-down options.
  4. Click on it to open it.
  5. Locate the local backup column for the backup directory.
  6. Check and verify that QuickBooks has a valid path for backing up the file and it working properly.
  7. If the path for backup is incorrect or not working then click the Browse button.
  8. Choose the correct path for the backup file or folder.
  9. Here, you have to choose the path where the backup file gets saved whenever you run the backup.
  10. While performing the backup using the create backup box you can also change the route of the backup. 

Solution- Rename the Network Data (.ND) File

  1. In your Windows System.
  2. Go to the Windows File Manager and open it.
  3. Open the path- C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks
  4. Locate the Network Data file with the .ND extension.
  5. Right-click on the file
  6. Select the Rename option
  7. Mention OLD at the end of the file name
  8. Press enter to rename the file name.
  9. Now, that you are done; check for the error.

Solution- Check and verify the storage available

You have to check the space available in your storage device or location where you want to back up your QuickBooks file data. First, check the size of your company file and then check the space available.

To create more space, clean or free up the space on the device or location where you want to save the company backup file. Now try to do the backup if an error happens that means more space is required.

Solution- Verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Company File Data

  1. Initially, select “Windows” and then “Close All”
  2. Next, verify your data
    1. Choose the file and then go to Utilities >> Verify Data
  3. Now, Rebuild your data
    1. Select File and then go to the Utilities >> Rebuild Data
  4. After that, you receive a warning message that prompts you to create a backup of the company file 
  5. Once you create a backup then hit the OK button 
  6. Choose a location where you wish to save your backup file 
  7. And then hit OK which you find at the bottom of your QB backup window
    1. In case, no message is received then you should replace another backup file then click No
    2. Provide a new name to the File Name field and then save 
    3. If the backup fails then select Cancel at the rebuild prompt and for assistance reach out to Payroll support 
  8. Once the backup is completed then the Rebuild Data Utility begins
  9. Once you get the message Rebuild has completed then click Ok
    1. To check the remaining data damage run the Verify Data 
    2. Then choose the File 
    3. Locate the Utilities then click Verify Data

Solution- Repair the QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Firstly, you have to close all the background programs via Task Manager.
  2. To refresh it, reboot your system.
  3. Now, Open the Control Panel.
  4. In the Control Panel Window, go to the Programs and Features option.
  5. Click on the Programs option.
  6. In the list of applications search for QuickBooks.
  7. Now, right-click on the application.
  8. Then, choose the option Uninstall/Change from the options shown.
  9. Uninstall Wizard opens up.
  10. In this, click on the Repair option to start the repairing process.
  11. Follow the instructions shown on your screen to repair the application.
  12. When done click on the Finish button.
  13. Restart the system to refresh the changes.
  14. After restarting, open the Intuit site for QuickBooks in the Browser.
  15. Download the latest version of QuickBooks.
  16. Install and configure it and check for the error again.

Solution- Repair the data in the Company File

You have to repair the damaged data from your company file. If you are unable to create an accountant’s copy in QuickBooks Desktop error then you have to restore the company file backup and replace the damaged file. Now enter the transactions that have been done since the backup was run.

Solution- Update your QuickBooks Desktop Software

  1. First of all, open the QuickBooks Desktop software
  2. Then press the F2 key 
  3. It opens up the product information window
  4. Check the version of your software
  5. If it’s the latest version then proceed with another solution. But if not then proceed to update the software to the newest release.
  6. Go to the Help menu option from the top menu
  7. Then click on Update QuickBooks Desktop option
  8. Click on the Update Now tab
  9. Further, select the Get Updates option
  10. It starts downloading the newest update
  11. When the download is completed
  12. You have to restart the QuickBooks software
  13. Agree to install the latest release that you have downloaded.
  14. Follow the instructions and then you will be done
  15. Now, check for the error.


Hopefully, you have fixed the error of QuickBooks Unable to Commit File Write Operation to Disk. The solutions are mentioned in detailed steps. Still, you have any issues or queries then, immediately connect with our Professional QuickBooks Team. The team members are available 365 days a year to assist you with the best solutions. You can reach them via email or do a live chat with experts.

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