QuickBooks Point Of Sale Unexpected Errors

While using the QuickBooks POS Unexpected errors, you are facing some errors that are not expected but occur. This happens when your system is not compatible or some system requirements are missing. Several other reasons are also there that cause QuickBooks POS Unexpected errors.

In this article, you will get to know some of the QuickBooks POS Unexpected errors that you can get while working on your POS system. The reasons why the error happens and the solutions are mentioned with detailed procedures.

You can easily go through the error display on your screen and then know the root cause so that you can perform the right solution to fix the problem.

What Are QuickBooks POS Unexpected errors?

  1. You are not able to open your QuickBooks Point Of Sale system.
  2. It shows that the license key is invalid and shows the error code- 176120.
  3. When you initialize the system it fails and the error happens.
  4. The POS stopped working and showed the error code- QBPOSShell.
  5. It shows an error while using the QuickBooks POS system that the value cannot be null.
  6. The error is shown on screen QB error code 100- server of the database is not found “08w01”.
  7. An exception is thrown by the target of an invocation in your QB POS system.
  8. The unexpected error- restart the POS system. An exception from HRESULT-0x88980406.

What Are A Few Reasons For These QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors?

A few reasons are listed here so that you get to know what you are required to check before proceeding with the solutions. 

  1. When the system requirements of your QuickBooks POS and your Windows version won’t be met.
  2. In case the POS database manager is not working properly or has some issues can also cause errors.
  3. If you have not installed the Microsoft .NET Framework in your system or if it’s installed but corrupted.

What Are The Solutions To Fix The QuickBooks POS Unexpected Errors?

Solutions are mentioned with detailed steps but before that get to know the reason after getting the unexpected error. After that, come to a solution that is suitable according to the error and then implement it. 

You can also connect with the team for better assistance in case you are not able to understand which solution is required to implement for resolving the glitch.

Solution- Simply Troubleshoot the Error

  1. Open the Task manager
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete button from your keyboard
  3. Then click on the Task Manager option to open it
  4. In the Task Manager window, go to the Process tab
  5. Search for the file QBPOSShell.exe
  6. Select the file and click the button End Process or Close Process
  7. It will end this process that was running in your system
  8. Now close the window of Task Manager
  9. Open the QuickBooks POS again and now start working on it.

Solution- Install And Update The QuickBooks POS 

  1. For this, you have to open the Product page for the update
  2. Check if there is any update available for your QuickBooks POS update
  3. Select your product to check for the availability of updates.
  4. To update the product, follow the instructions shown.
  5. By following instructions install the update manually.
  6. When done, restart your system.
  7. Now, open the QuickBooks POS to check the updated version.

Solution- Create a new Windows Admin User

  1. Click on the Windows button to open the Start menu.
  2. Then in the search bar type user account.
  3. Open the user accounts, click on the Manage user accounts option.
  4. Now, click the Manage Another Account option.
  5. Select Create a new account to create a new admin user.
  6. Mention the name of the new user.
  7. For the type of user, Choose the option Administrator.
  8. The New User account is created.
  9. Now, log out of this user account and log in to the new user account you just created.
  10. Open the QuickBooks POS to check for unexpected errors.

Solution- Verify Compatibility By Restarting QBPOSShell

  1. First of all, close everything.
  2. Open the Task manager.
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete button from your keyboard.
  4. Then click on the Task Manager option to open it.
  5. Go to the Processes tab.
  6. Click on the Name column to sort the processes alphabetically.
  7. Go to the QBPOSShell.exe process.
  8. Right-click on this process.
  9. Hit the End process button.
  10. Now, restart the QB POS to check for errors.
  11. In case there are too many processes named QBPOSShell, then do the following:
    1. Close the Task Manager.
    2. Open the Point Of Sale then check the compatibility.
    3. Go to the icon of POS on your system.
    4. Right-click on it and click on the Troubleshoot compatibility option.
    5. Choose Try recommendation settings.
    6. Follow all the instructions shown on your screen.
    7. When done restart your system to apply all these changes to your QuickBooks POS.

Solution- Repair .NET Framework 

  1. First, uninstall your .NET framework
    1. Go to the settings of your Windows system.
    2. Then in Programs and Features.
    3. Click on Microsoft .NET Framework.
    4. Hit on the button Uninstall.
    5. Now, proceed further with the instructions shown to you.
  2. Now, reinstall the MS .NET Framework
    1. Download the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework as per the requirements of QB POS.
    2. Save the downloaded file on your system.
    3. Go to the downloaded file and double-click to start the installation process.
    4. Follow the instructions to install it
    5. When done try to open the QuickBooks point of Sale to check for Unexpected errors.


All the solutions are provided by experts who are experienced in resolving these types of errors. Still, if you have any issues or doubts, get in touch with The Advice Venture. Their professional QuickBooks team is available to assist you all the time. You just have to reach out to them by emailing ( info@adviceventure.com ) or directly live chat with the professionals.

Does installing the latest version of QuickBooks POS work?

Yes, sometimes the program is causing issues because of the older version that is no longer compatible with your system. Update to the latest version to fix many of the glitches.

Do I require the license key to operate the QuickBooks POS?

Yes, you must have a valid license key to operate the QuickBooks to avoid QuickBooks POS Unexpected errors in your POS system.

Where is the data stored to check for QuickBooks POS unexpected errors if required?

It is stored in the C drive of your system. You can easily reach there if you have access. In case you want to check any files then you can visit and check for the data.

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